IoT solution for detection and disinfection of Legionella

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Hydro-S3DP is a secured IoT solution that allows in situ detection of Legionella proliferation and direct disinfection actuators for bacterial treatment in air conditioning systems. It combines state-of-the-art sensors including an in-house electrochemical sensor, Big Data analysis through Machine Learning Algorithms and state-of-the-art water disinfection systems to enable fast sensing and acting system over Legionella contamination in cooling systems in Hospital and Hotel.

In addition, Hydro-S3DP will allow reducing by 30-60% the biocide consumption and by up to 88% the energy require for the cooling tower system circulation with hard water condition (saving reaching up to 70 000€/year), therefore reducing by up to 30% the cooling tower maintenance cost as well as increasing their life span from 5-8 to 25 years. More than an economical solution for heating & cooling systems, Sens Solutions offers a global solution to prevent any Legionella outbreak.

Horizon 2020

Approved SME-1